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I greatly appreciate your joining the movement for a different DC. here are a few ways you can make a difference in the campaign. Thank you so much!  ~ Jacob


Although Emanuel Cleaver outspent us 7 to 1 in 2014, we held him to just 51.6% of the vote, a mere 10,000 votes from victory! If we had enough funds to get our ads on TV and run a strong Get-Out-The-Vote program we could have won that election. We simply ran out of money.

Let's not let victory slip through our hands in 2018! Would you please add to the victory fund? Even $10 or $20 bucks helps (max donation allowed is $5,400 per person).

Click Here to chip in a few bucks


2. Volunteer

Giving your time and effort really stretches our campaign budget against Cleaver's big money. We have lots of ways for you to participate and there's a place for everyone to serve from 4 to 94 of every personality and physical ability, too. Volunteer with a friend!

Click here to volunteer



5. Put sign in your yard. Let us put a big sign on acreage or at your business

Name recognition is the #1 factor in voters choosing a candidate on election day. Thank you for putting a Turk sign in your yard. Big signs at major intersections, along major roads and at businesses help tremendously, too.

click here to request a sign



4. Engage others in the campaign

You can double or triple your impact by simply asking your family, friends and neighbors to support Jacob Turk. In person, by phone, social media, email, anyway you can!  Here are links to some videos that may appeal to other voters you know.

Why Jacob Turk Wants to Represent You in Congress 
How Obamacare Affected My Family
Why Marine Veteran Daniel Backs Turk
Support from Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Testimonial from Marine Veteran Nathan


3. Get out the vote in November

Remind all of your friends to vote.

Volunteer to call voters to remind them to vote (click "Volunteer" above to sign up)

When you go to vote, spend an extra 30 minutes or an hour at your poll. Doing so literally will up our vote count in your precinct! Simply bring your yard sign, stick it in the ground and smile at folks going in to vote and ask "Would you please vote for my friend Jacob Turk?"