Jacob Turk 

Who do you want representing you and your concerns in Washington? A career politician or someone like you?

Jacob Turk is not a lawyer, nor a career politician, but someone who knows first hand the challenges of operating a small business, is concerned with the plight of the urban core, has real solutions for the struggling working man, and has served our country with honor and distinction as a U.S. Marine.

He’s running for Congress because he believes if America wants to change the future direction of our country, Americans must change the kind of person they elect to Congress to represent them.

Jacob grew up admiring his Dad and Grandfather’s service in the Marines, and was drawn to enlist. Although he never saw combat, Jacob is proud to be a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, with secret clearance and an honorable discharge. His respect is profound for our military personnel, their mission, and the vital role they play in keeping our nation safe as well as having freed the oppressed in nations worldwide.

After completing his Marine Corps service, Jacob married and started a family. As a young father, he worked two jobs and attended college thanks to the GI Bill, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Suddenly faced with a new life as a single father of three small children (age three, six and ten), Jacob tailored his own custom software business so he could be available to his kids in the mornings and evenings, arranging his work and client meetings around their school schedules.

As a small business owner for 12 years, Jacob knows, firsthand, what it’s like to struggle to make payroll for his employees, deal with government regulations, pay taxes, and work to make a profit.

That’s why Jacob has a steadfast commitment to America’s small businesses. As our new Congressman, he’ll work to protect this vital component of our unique free enterprise system that has made our country an economic powerhouse and has lifted more people from poverty than any other economic experiment in history.

Jacob is also committed to supporting a strong military and taking care of our veterans who have served. America leads best when it leads through strength, including our military readiness and ensuring our national security.

Jacob Turk is an ordinary man of integrity and principle, called to an extraordinary mission: to be a voice in our Congress to preserve the principles that made America the country that is the envy of all nations.

The good people of the great 5th District of Missouri need leadership they can trust. You can trust Jacob Turk.  Put Turk to work for you!